Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why I started this blog

I've been doing research in Machine Learning (Conditional Random Fields and related) for the last year. This is a place for me to organize my thoughts and write down interesting new things I come across (but feel free to add comments). Some of the things I may be adding:

  1. Comments on papers
  2. Mini-tutorials on ML-related topics
  3. Links to online Machine Learning resources

It won't be linear in nature as I'll revise old posts when relevant information comes up. Maybe in the future I'll switch to a setup similar to Cosma Shalizi's notebooks, but at this point, blog is the most practical thing to do.



Arthur said...

This blog is now listed on twenty-two of my Mentifex AI webpages along with:
-- Jay Beavers
-- Per Anderson
-- Bob Mottram
-- Dennis Gorelik

Yaroslav said...

Thanks for the helpful links Dr. Murray.
By the way, there are rumours that you have picketed IJCAI-01 to protest the corporate WTO-style world domination AI. Can you confirm or deny?

Arthur said...

[Denial] On Sat.4.AUG.2001 I pamphletted inside but did not picket outside the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-01) by handing out a leaflet containing a theory diagram, some text, and some URL's for further information. I had a very interesting conversation in German with an AI researcher from the Humboldt Universitaet in Berlin. I met officials of the AAAI and gave them Mentifex flyers. Nowadays I am writing a blogbook on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to earn micropayments in support of open-source artificial intelligence. [/Denial]