Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I came across CiteULike on Seb's Open Research blog a week ago, tried it out, and it seems very useful. Basically it's a cross between bibliography management software like JafRef, and social bookmarking like del.icio.us. You can use it to keep track of the papers you find, and export in the BibTex format. Then you can see what other people added given paper, and see what papers they are reading. You can also add comments to papers and view other people's comments (not many at this point). Suresh has a more detailed review.



Suresh said...

awesome link. thanks for pointing it out.

Yaroslav said...

It is. The person in charge is in academia, and seems to be open to idea of collaborative development, so we should expect more cool features in future, given the tech-savviness of the user-base.

Suresh said...

well we shall see. I am skeptical about the tech-savviness of academicians in general :)

Yaroslav said...

Perhaps a bibliography tracking service like CiteULike would work better for discussing papers than public forums/blogs.

John Langford wanted to use his blog for public paper comments/discussion, but blogs seem somehow too general.

Forums also seem too general, as they lack a good way to bring together people interested in the same paper.

CiteULike has a feature to add notes to each paper, however at this stage it's a bit too rudimentary for purposes of discussion (ie, no names)

Yaroslav said...

"I am skeptical about the tech-savviness of academicians in general"

Hehe, well at least they are persistent and hard-working...until tenure....uhm, exclude grad-students too


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