Saturday, February 05, 2005

Interesting blogs, newsgroups, chatrooms

Here are some things that someone who likes math, Machine Learning or statistics may find interesting




Mailing Lists:


  • #MachineLearning

Finding Blogs:

After looking at "Referring Link" stats of people browsing this blog, I discovered two new ways of finding relevant blogs

I found a few people who came to this blog after searching for mentions of , and their IP's traced to Illinois, I wonder why ;)

Feel free to post other cool blogs, or other methods of finding them


Suresh said...

ah: I will be completely shameless and toot my own horn (The Geomblog: algorithms, geometry, theory CS...)

Yaroslav said...

Hey, I checked it out, and it looks like a cool blog, thanks!

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jowdjbrown said...

Not into the post-apocalyptic look? No problem, Luber appears happy to paint the machine to suit your preferences, all for the price of $50 grand. repair washing machine

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