Friday, April 29, 2011

Another ML blog

I just noticed that Justin Domke has a blog --

He's one of the strongest researchers in the field of graphical models. I first came across his dissertation when looking for a way to improve loopy-Belief Propagation based training. His thesis gives one such idea -- instead of maximizing the fit of an intractable model, and using BP as intermediate step, maximize the fit of BP marginals directly. This makes sense since approximate (BP-based) marginals are what you ultimately use.

If you run BP for k steps, then likelihood of the BP-approximated model is tractable to minimize -- calculation of gradient is very similar to k steps of loopy BP. I derived formulas for gradient of "BP-approximated likelihood" in equations 17-21 in this note. It looks a bit complicated in my notation, but derivation is basically an application of chain rule to BP-marginal, which is a composition of k-steps of BP update formula.


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