Friday, December 06, 2013

Deep Learning Internship at Google, Summer 2014

We have a couple of internship openings for someone to train deep neural nets find extract interesting things in StreetView imagery. The ideal person would come and push the envelope of what's possible with large amount of training data (billions of labeled image examples for some tasks), and large amount of computation power data (essentially unlimited when you parallelize). If you are interested, first apply through links below, and after passing the screen, contact me directly at (feel free to share this post) For PhDs:!t=jo&jid=3481001& For Masters:!t=jo&jid=3480001&


Yaroslav Bulatov said...

This position has been filled. Check again in 9 months for next summer's openings.

ozzy said...


Any openings for this summer?

ozzy said...


Any openings for this summer?

Lakss Man said...

Hi ,

Please let me know if there are openings for this summer.


gaurish said...

Please let me know of there are any openings

tarique hasan said...

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ly heng said...

Check again in 9 months for next summer's openings.


Emma Glour said...

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Emma Glour said...

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