Friday, March 04, 2005

Machine Learning journals

Here are some journals to keep an eye on, along with their RSS feeds. I picked out the list by seeing where my favourite Machine Learning/stats papers came from:
  • Journal of Machine Learning Research (web, rss) The journal for machine learning publications. A better and freer replacement to "Machine Learning" journal -- here's some history
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (web, rss) -- pattern means "visual pattern"
  • Machine Learning journal (web, rss) -- seems more applied than JMLR
  • Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Modern Physics (web, rss) -- sometimes discussions of Bayesianism, Maxent
  • Neural Computation(web, rss) -- neural nets, neurobiology, and general machine learning
  • ARXIV submissions on Learning (rss) and on Information Theory (rss)
  • Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (web, rss) -- some of the best papers on estimation were published here
  • Physics Review Letters (web) -- sometimes Machine Learning related stuff
  • The Annals of Statistics (web) -- Czisar published here
  • SIAM applied math (web)
  • Journal of Econometrics (web, rss) -- often the same problems but with a different name
  • Proceedings of the Nat'l Academy of Sciences(web) -- sometimes have interesting papers in applied math/computer science/statistics sections
CWI journal club has a bigger list of journals and links to their websites, mostly AI (not ML) oriented --

Watch out for information overload :O

  • What are some other journals that Machine Learning researchers should know about?


Amir massoud Farahmand said...

What about JAIR and AI?! Although they are not explicitly on ML, there are many ML papers in them.

Yaroslav said...

Good point. Jair is another big one( Can't say much about Artificial Intelligence. My library doesn't carry it, and couldn't find any online databases.

Amir massoud Farahmand said...

The Elsevier's Artificial Intelligence is an old and prestigious journal which unfortunately is not available online. I have found that a few of good and important papers of my research area has been published in it such as "Intelligence without representation" (Brooks), "Robot Shaping: devel..." (Dorigo), "Automatic programming of behavior-based robots using reinforcement learning" (Mahadevan), and "Between mdp and semi-mdp:..." (Sutton). It was a sample (that I extracted from my paper!!!) but does not mean that you must add it to the list. Let me see if they publish my paper or not. If it is the case, I insist that AI is a very important journal! :D

Dave said...

Ah Brooks, "the world is its own best model".

Both ScienceDirect and ScholarsPortal carry Artificial Intelligence, check if your library subscribes to those services. If you haven't seen it yet, check out

And thanks for publishing all these links on your blog. Makes finding stuff to read easier.

Ramin Mehran said...

Thank you for this great list.
This link does not work for me