Saturday, October 15, 2005

Learning Mathematica

Here are some useful Mathematica training notebooks I came across.

Mathematica Training -- Notebooks from a 2 day Mathematica course
NKS summer school -- some notebooks from the "New Kind of Science" summer school intro to Mathematica
Programming Paradigms via Mathematica - notebooks from a course developed by Neidinger and Swallow


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Mathematica notebooks.
Cheers from eastern Washington state.
Would you happen to have any Mathematica code for
a) SVMs?
b) Linear Discriminant Analysis?

Thanks much. Your blog is quite interesting.


Yaroslav Bulatov said...

Eastern Washington, Cheney? Cool! I was there 3 years ago for an ACM programming contest

Hm, haven't seen any machine learning stuff for Mathematica, if you find some, let me know

Unknown said...

it is high time to move on mathematics side without having any kind of fear. It is great to find this differences between two favorite apps of yours.

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AjayKM said...

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