Saturday, March 05, 2005

More on CiteULike

I've noticed some people I know starting to use CiteULike recently. Services like CiteULike are generally a good development because they increase efficiency of research: usually people share bibliography through bibliography section of their published articles, but a publication can take years to become accessible.

The immediate advantage of CiteULike is that it can fill Bib details in for you. Here are some CiteULike usage tips

  1. Make sure you have "Post to Citeulike" button on toolbar
  2. When adding article X, first search for X on
  3. If search results have a link to ACM, IEEE, JSTOR, Ingenta or some other supported collection you are in luck -- go there, click "Post to Citeulike" and it'll automatically extract the bibliographic information for you
  4. If you are adding books, search for book on Amazon, and do the same procedure
  5. For off-campus access, save electronic book/article copies to a web accessible directory, and add link to (it's only seen by you) to the book/article entry
  6. Add RSS of new submissions with relevant tags from CiteULike to your RSS aggregator
  7. Choose usernames such that people can find you through Google (ie, I use yaroslavvb, which google knows about)
  • Any other efficiency tips?


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